Works commence on Hjaltlands new housing scheme at Heathery Park, Gulberwick

Imagine of Hjaltland Housing scheme at Hearthery Park, Gulberwick

The new Hjaltland Housing scheme of 12 units shall be accessed via the main road into North Heathery Park and provide pedestrian priority while utilising traffic calming measures, planted areas,shared surfaces and link paths to create user friendly external spaces.

There are three different property sizes being provided on this project:

Four (1-Bedroom 2-person flats)

Four (2-Bedroom 3-person flats)

Four (3-Bedroom 5-person houses)

All properties are timber kit construction with external timber cladding. The heating is supplied via High Heat Retention Storage units and all properties have Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery installed. With easy access and ample parking, this design and build project is located within 10 minutes (by car) of all amenities such as local shops, supermarkets, post offices, primary & secondary schools, Hospital, Health Centre etc.   The project is estimated to be completed by spring 2022


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