IMS Policy Statement

Rev: 08 Date: 14.09.23

IMS Policy Statement

1. Principles

Management of DITT have an established clear vision, are motivated and committed to setting and maintaining a high standard of system management and complying with all regulatory authorises to ensure that safe, healthy and environmentally acceptable code of working practices are continued to be implemented, developed and maintained through its IMS system.  Furthermore by proactively working to improve the system and its quality by co-operating and interacting with all regulatory authorities, employees, and stakeholders, it continues to improve its customer base and facilities/infrastructure.

Management continues to promote and endorse health and safety, environmental issues   and quality control measures within the company to ensure it retains a structured and sustainable system and openly pursue opportunities, reduce negative impacts, mitigate risks (both externally and internally) to its employees, stakeholders and the environment.

Management continues to promote and deliver key information to all its employees.

2. Objectives

The purpose of this policy is to give the overall intentions and the direction of the organisation as related to Quality, Health, Safety & Welfare of employees, Stakeholders, the Environment and the International standards to which we subscribe.

This Policy is subject to regular review or when significant business practices are endorsed and approved by management.  It is available to any interested party and provides the framework for DITT’s Objectives and Targets through its Environmental issues, Quality control, Health &, Safety & Welfare.

This policy is a living document and its context is a formal statement of external and internal infrastructure, strategic direction and is endorsed by the Senior Management Team and the Managing Director. The following statements are made in support of the Management system.

3. Statement of intent

  • We shall implement and maintain a documented Integrated Management System (IMS).

  • We shall provide adequate resource, time, people and finance.

  • We shall adhere and co-operate with all regulatory authorises

  • We shall communicate our IMS to all relevant stakeholders.

  • We are committed to continual improvement of the IMS.

  • We shall proactively look at new opportunities both inwardly and externally, through internal investment and externally through pursuing tenders, repeat business and partnering with other organisation, to encourage growth within the business.

  • We shall strive to mitigate and prevent injury and ill health to employees or stakeholders who are subject to our activities.

  • We shall implement a risk based approach, through recognition of location, culture, economic environment, resources, marketability, design etc.

  • We are committed to protecting the environment through sustainable development, waste management, pollution control, contribute to reducing the effect of climate change.

  • We shall comply with all relevant and current legislation and other requirements.

  • We shall review our Quality, Health, Safety, Welfare & Environmental performance through appropriate measurement & analysis to support our continual improvement of the IMS and our associated business performance.

  • We shall maintain and develop our customer base, demonstrating our continued repeat custom and satisfaction.

  • This policy shall be available to any interested parties.

Name: Peter Tait                Title:  Managing Director                  Date: 14th Sept 2023